Lord of the Flies

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Chapter 1, Character Chart

Aim: To use direct and indirect characterization to understand Piggy and Ralph

Directions: As we read Chapter 1, track your assigned character.  Write down as much information about him as you can.  You should try to find at least three points to write under each of the headings below – using direct quotation from the text where you can.

Your character is:           Piggy                        Ralph

  1. The character’s appearance
  2. The character’s life before arriving on the island
  3. What the character thinks about being on the island
  4. Three important quotes the character says in Chapter 1
  5. The character’s relationship with the others on the island so far

Download this handout:  Chapt 1 Character Chart


Your plane is damaged and will crash in 10 minutes. There is an island in your path and you can parachute close enough to perhaps make it to the island. Survival will depend completely on you and the other members of your group. There is no sign you will be rescued in the near future, but there is a chance a ship or plane may pass near the island eventually. There is a chance you might be on the island indefinitely.

  1.  Small group work – complete the “Survivor” activity
  2. Individual assignment – journal entry

Download assignments:  Survivor!

Follow-up: Avoiding Run-On Sentences; revise & peer edit drafts.

LOTF Anticipation Guide

Lord-of-the-Flies-Vieques-750x400Essential Questions 

  • Are human beings fundamentally good or fundamentally evil?
  • What does it mean to be civilized?
  • What makes a society functional? How does a society maintain order?
  • How do fear and desire for acceptance influence human behavior?
  • How does an author use symbolism to convey theme?

Do Now:  Review syllabus; review classroom setup.


  1. Look at the image.  What do you think the book will be about?  What words come to mind when you see this picture?  Discuss.
  2. Think, pair, share: LOTF Classwork #1
    1. Do you think people need rules, or would society be a better place if people were allowed to do whatever they wanted? Explain.
    2. The Lord of the Flies is a novel where young people are forced to figure out how to live without adults. At what age do you think young people are old enough to make their own decisions without adult supervision?
    3. The author of Lord of the Flies, William Golding, once said, “Watch out. The evil is in all of us.” Do you agree or disagree that there is evil in all of us?
  3. If time, small group brainstorm: what rules, if any, are necessary for society to function safely and effectively?

HW: None