The Great Gatsby

Ms. Lanier's Lit & Comp, Spring 2013


Chapter 3 – Imagery, Metaphor & Simile

Do Now:
Review imagery, simile, metaphor
Complete simile/metaphor worksheet


  1. Read the opening to Chapter 3
  2. Work on pp 27-29 in your booklets – alone or in pairs. Extra credit for the person/pair with the greatest # of examples of imagery!

Write 2-3 paragraphs contrasting the Valley of Ashes with Gatsby’s manor and party.  Pay attention to the colors, sounds and the descriptions of the people in each.  Be sure to use examples from each description in your writing.

EXTRA CREDIT:  There have been at least 3 references to gardens thus far in the novel.  What gardens have we seen, where are they located and how were they described?

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