This page has been created to provide information and support to LMACS students and families. Faculty have reached out to all students to offer support and remote learning instructions. This page will have LMACS specific details along with links and documents to stay updated on Covid-19.

    Remote Learning Plan
    Governor Charles Baker has officially announced the extension of all Massachusetts school closures for the remainder of the school year. As a result, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has put forth guidelines and expectations for remote learning. Parents and students are encouraged to review our Remote Learning Plan for LMACS students during this time.

    LMACS Office Hours
    During the School Closure Office hours are designed to support students and families with questions and general concerns. These hours apply Monday through Thursday.

    » All Advisors provide frequent opportunities to check in with students.
    » Content teachers will be communicating with students regarding specific class work and additional office hours.
    » Social Workers will be available daily as posted below. This time is reserved for general questions and check-ins. Additional time may be reserved by appointment.
    » School Nurse hours are posted for medical questions and concerns.

    Faculty Office Hours Contact
    Melissa Chen 10:00-10:30Email Ms. Chen
    Helaine Clegg9:00-9:30Email Ms. Clegg
    Tracy David10:00-10:30
    Email Ms. David
    Aaron Donovan12:30-1:00Email Mr. Donovan
    Tricia Harding12:00-12:30Email Mrs. Harding
    Amy Hendl, School Nurse9:00-10:00
    Email Mrs. Hendl
    MaryBeth Hohrath9:00-9:30Email Ms. Hohrath
    Michael Kaminski8:30-9:00Email Mr. Kaminski
    Alba Kuilan-Lamboy10:00-10:30
    Email Ms. Lamboy
    Ryan Lamey10:00-10:30Email Mr. Lamey
    Erika Lanier10:30-11:00Email Ms. Lanier
    Lilya Perliger9:00-9:30Email Ms. Perliger
    Stephanie Robinson10:00-10:30Email Ms. Robinson
    Administrator Office Hours Contact
    Marge McDevitt9:00-11:00Email Dr. McDevitt
    Anne Monoxelos9:00-11:00Email Ms. Monoxelos

    Department of Education Information