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    Important News

    Thanks to the Circle Health Grant from Lowell General Hospital, and in collaboration with Lowell Community Health Center, an onsite health clinic will be open during school hours one to two times a month. The health clinic focuses primarily on reproductive health services but will also provide assistance and referral to other health or insurance needs. This is an opportunity for LMACS students to obtain information and counseling on health care questions or concerns while at school. Participating in this program is voluntary and confidential and is either covered by a student’s insurance or is free of charge. If you do not want your child to participate in the program please notify the health office in writing before your child begins school. If there are any questions, please contact the school nurse at (978) 656-3461.

    From the Executive Director

    Greetings to all!

    Our LMACS family is watching the year fly by! The 2020 Holiday Season is in full swing here! We began by welcoming 14 new students to the winter term...we are so happy they chose to join us and earn their high school diploma at LMACS. Once the new students complete their orientation, they’ll get into their schedule of classes and get to work in their advisories helping to build gingerbread houses for our annual competition. Competition will be fierce again this year.

    While we anxiously await MCAS results, students are beginning their winter term classes. We are all optimistic as we all get a fresh start on our academics. We know that excellent attendance is the key to success at LMACS so students will be laser focused on achieving an 85% attendance rate...Strive for 85 is our rally cry!

    So, on behalf of our LMACS family, I want to send our very best wishes for a fun and loving Holiday Season to our extended LMACS families.

    Ho, Ho, Ho and Happy and Healthy 2020!

    Margaret A. McDevitt, Ed.D.
    Executive Director

    PS. Check out our new commercial!